“Being named a BNBEA award finalist was the highest honor ever bestowed on our company, and we are truly humbled by the experience. The BNBEA is to be commended in creating an intensive, introspective, and gratifying process that encourages and recognizes ethical conduct in today’s challenging business climate. The program provides an ethical barometer for companies to reflect, evaluate, and improve their ethical performance with employees and business partners.  We are also grateful for the outstanding mentorship the BNBEA professionals provided in guiding us through the process. Thank you BNBEA for the privilege of participating in this invaluable program.”

Jim Kunkemoeller, Great Lakes Orthodontics, Ltd.

“Being chosen as the 2016 BNBEA winner in the small business category was a tremendous honor and a true affirmation of the ideals set forth by our founder in 1969. EGW Associates was founded on a very simple principle “provide an honest service at an honest price”. The application process validated the policies and procedures that we have been using since the beginning and it re-affirmed our approach to business. I would highly recommend this program to any company that prides itself in the way they conduct their company. It is humbling to be honored along with the other past recipients who have received this great distinction.”

Tom Wach – EGW Associates, Inc.

“Eberl Iron Works will always be grateful for the opportunity to participate in the Business Ethics Award program. Actually receiving the honor was just the culmination of a process that proved gratifying and energizing in every respect. Enthusiasm infected all of us, just as pride in our collective accomplishment does now. Analyzing the way we do business confirmed that we really are doing things right, and that’s a discovery for which we’ll always be grateful. Our company benefited from excellent media coverage. A presentation to our employees impressed them with the significance of the award, and the role they played in earning it. In a world where dubious conduct is too often rewarded, the Business Ethics Award spotlights companies that build success on sound values. BNBEA is to be commended for a truly comprehensive, professional and worthwhile program.”

John Eberl and Nora Eberl – Eberl Iron Works, Inc.

“The BNBEA award process is like none other in that it encourages true self disclosure and honesty while inspiring the company to reflect, re-address and commit to something that is no longer a given within business today:  a moral and ethical self-awareness and commitment to practices that will support it.   At Calspan, the journey towards achieving the BNBEA award was watershed in that it provided us with a forum and a voice to reflect, articulate our learning, and pledge to continue to be better at not only what we do, but how we do it.”

Ruthanne Armstrong – Calspan Corporation

“As a company who has always “flown under the radar” when it came to public recognition, James Desiderio Inc. was honored to have been nominated as a finalist for the BNBE Award two years ago. Putting into words what the company does on a daily basis really gave us a deep insight into the impact that we have had on our employees, customers and surrounding communities over the last 60 years that we have been in business. Winning this award, after having been a runner-up in 2014, was extremely humbling for me and all of my employees. This award has given us a great amount of recognition, both locally as well as nationally and it truly is an honor to be among the company of some of the great businesses that have won this award in the past.”

Robert Mercurio and the Desiderio Family – James Desiderio Inc.

“Receiving the BNBEA Crystal Award is an incredible honor, and the entire Personal Touch Food Service team is so pleased, and very proud.  This recognition is a tribute to the foundation and example provided by our late founder, and validates that the work we do each day is genuine and ethical.  We will use the things we learned in this process to build future successes, and become an even better company”.

Dave Cervi— Personal Touch Food Service Inc.

“We were honored to receive the Ethics Award.  The award validated, for us, our effort and dedication to always do the right thing and to always conduct ourselves and our business professionally.  Our associates, therapists and staff, were proud to be contributors to a company that maintains the highest standards of ethics.  Our customers acknowledged our accomplishment and appreciated our efforts.  The award is prominently placed in our office.”  

Gloria Lucker — Optimal Therapy Associates Services

“The BNBEA Ethics Award has created a positive ripple through our organization and clients.”
Gerry Murak — 
Murak & Associates, LLC

“All of us at West Herr were very honored to receive the Buffalo Niagara Business Ethics Award and impressed with the results of the recognition.  It confirmed our code of ethics and the manner in which we operate our business to our customers and it validated to every one of our employees the importance of their personal integrity and the value and strength that integrity brings to our company.”  

Scott Bieler, President — West Herr Automotive Group

“Having been the recipient of the 2010 Buffalo Niagara Business Ethics Award in the small business category has meant a lot to our company. Going through the application process alone was really worthwhile in itself. It gave us an opportunity to really analyze our company and behaviors. We realized we were doing a lot of great things and we were also able to identify areas we could improve. We have initiated action plans to implement the identified changes. We encourage companies to strongly consider applying for this prestigious award. Win or lose, your company and you will grow.”

Paul Billoni — Colvin Cleaners

“Allpro Parking, LLC receiving the nomination in 2011 and 2012 and being the recipient of the Crystal Award for the Large Company Category was a great honor for us.  While compiling the information for the application it was apparent to us that we were very ethical in our methods and procedures but never really memorialized them until we had to put it all in writing.  Going through this process was a great eye opener for many of the team members that worked on the completing the information that lead us all to a great feeling of pride and confidence once we were able to see all of the ways we present ourselves and Allpro Parking in an ethical and moral way. Most of all we have now raised the bar and are always making sure we take the high road with all of our business practices to maintain an ethical status.  We have to be honest, how many times do we hear anyone mention parking and ethics in the same sentence.  Our entire team is honored and proud to be among the many fine companies that have been recognized by the BNBEA.”

Richard Serra — Allpro Parking

I was delighted to hear that we won the 2013 Buffalo Niagara Business Ethics Award. To be honored for ethics is a clear demonstration that our company has honesty, integrity and has complied with the law in all business dealings.  I am happy that everyone at our company understands and accepts the value of ethics and our philosophy and culture of living it every day.  A,J. Baynes Group has received numerous awards for philanthropy, civic support and for being good corporate citizens; however, none have meant more than this award for ethicsI would like to thank you and everyone on your team for helping make this possible.

Anthony Baynes — The A.J. Baynes Group

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