Who can nominate a company?
A business may be nominated for the award by a customer, client, employee, vendor, company or a private citizen who is impressed with a company’s demonstration of ethical business conduct. Businesses are also invited to self-nominate.

Note: Non-profit organizations and financial service companies are not eligible for nomination.

How can businesses enter?
Buffalo Niagara businesses (private or public) are eligible to make an entry to the Buffalo Niagara Business Ethics Award after receiving a nomination.

What business categories are eligible to apply?
All businesses are eligible except not-for-profit organizations and companies who derive more than 25% of revenues from financial services.

Are local branches/divisions of national companies eligible?
Local divisions or branch office of companies headquartered outside of the Western New York region are eligible for BNBEA. The submission must demonstrate the management, practices, experiences and policy implementations of the local division or office, even though you are following national or international standards or written codes of ethics or conduct.

Is there a fee to apply?
There is no fee to apply for the award.

Who can a business talk to for help in preparing a submission?
Through the BNBEA mentoring program, someone will personally be assigned to your company to provide guidance, if needed, during the preparation of your submission.

How are applications evaluated/judged?
Please see the Judging Information Section

My company only has 25 employees. I couldn’t possibly afford to have an ethics program.
Building an ethical business culture is not about how much money you spend. It is about linking the core values of your business with the norms, procedures, incentives and rewards that you establish and the leadership that you provide for your employees.

What does an ethics program do?

An ethics program is designed, among other things, to

  • Protect your company’s reputation
  • Build customer loyalty
  • Attract, retain and motivate excellent employees
  • Create a positive corporate culture

What can I hope to gain?

  • Practical knowledge and tools for creating and sustaining an ethical culture in your company
  • Steps and tools for building an ethics program for your company
  • Relationships with like-minded business leaders
  • Access to resources and expertise from experienced and knowledgeable seminar leaders



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